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References and Resources

Self-Assessment of Core Competencies

Developing and Supporting K-12 Student Reflection and Self-Assessment of Core Competencies (British Columbia Ministry of Education)

Lesson References- Organ Systems

• Science World – Humans vs Animals Activity

• Mr Tech – Guess the Sound Game Video

• TED-Ed – Emma Bryce: How your digestive system works Video

• UJU Videos – Brain Break: THIS or THAT Energizer Game 2 Food Edition Video

• University of Minnesota – The Ruminant Digestive System

• The Owl Pages – Digestion in Owls 

Quora – How do jellyfish digest their food?

• MooMooMath and Science – Earthworm Digestive System Video

• UJU Videos – Brain Break: Roack Paper Scissors Battle 1 Video

• Go Noodle – Think Like A Scientist Video

• UJU Videos – Brain Break: Whould you Rather? Energizer Game 2 Video

• Visual Science – Interactive application “Human Skull”

• DK findout! – Skeleton and bones

• Scientific American Podcast – Who Laps Whom on the Walking track

• BioBush – Bird Muscles: Adaptions for Flight Video

• BBC Earth – Bird of Paradise Courtship Spectacle Video

• INSIDER – Whats inside an elephant trunk

• Cosmic Kids Zen Den – The Listening Game Video 

• NG Science – Exoskeletons Video

• BBC Earth Kids – Hermit Crabs LINE UP to Swap Shells! Video

• GoNoodle – Bones! Bones! Bones! Video

• Ana Paola Valladares Garcia – How Do Plants Move? Video

• Science ABC – How Do Sunflowers Face The Sun? Video

• Amaze Lab – Do ‘Walking Palm Trees’ Actually Walk? Video

• DrawinGreek – How to draw a Plant Video

• Fuse School – Respiratory System Video

• Columbia University Department of Surgery – What is the Diaphram Video

•  Go Noodle – Swirling Video

• National Geographic Kids – What is Coronavirus?

• British Columbia: Amphibians in B.C. – Frogs & Toads

• FuseSchool – Intro to the Circulatory System Video

• TED-Ed: Enda Butler – Owygen’s surprisingly complex journey through your body

• FuseSchool – Xylem and Phloem: Transport in Plants

Resources and Games for Students